Bernie is a 25-year veteran of the Toronto Police1 His medical bills had caused his house to deteriorate2 His deck was falling apart and would soon collapse3 His wife needed the deck to traverse the house in her electric wheelchair4 The weight of which could soon cause a life-threatening accident5 So Frank held a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings in Park Place6 Dozens of caring individuals and families answered the call7 Including two of Bernie's old partners from the Toronto Police8 Like Frank, Bernie has stage four colon cancer9 Independent contractor Bill Burbidge volunteered his time to build the deck10 The old deck was cut off and removed.11 New supports were rigged and the deck was replaced12 We recorded the entire process to show Frank's sponsors their success13 What had started as one man's dream was now a community's reality14 Frank chipped in on the labour15 As did Bernie and our producer16 The result was a beautiful new deck built just in time for winter17 Complete with a ramp for Dawn's motorized wheelchair18 And more than enough room for her to navigate her way around the house19 Not only is it practical, it is downright attractive as well20