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About the C4C Ride Campaign

Frank Nelson is a 60-year-old Barrie man who was diagnosed several years ago with stage-four colon cancer. Instead of giving up and spending the remainder of his life worrying only about himself, Frank started a bucket list campaign focused on helping others in need. That list led this humble man on a journey to undertake a variety of initiatives to help the poor and those in need. Some examples of Frank Nelson's remarkable living legacy include but are not restricted to the following:

  1. Gave $1,000 to (so far) 43 of 50 families or individuals who were dealing with significant medical and/or financial challenges
  2. Arranged the donation of wheelchairs to those in need.
  3. Donated to a Barrie school to help fund lunches for students
  4. Funded a grocery shopping trip as a surprise for families in need
  5. Raised funds for someone needing medical treatment in the United States
  6. Surprised a young girl from a low income family with a graduation outfit
  7. Surprised a little boy with a rare muscle disorder with an all-season wagon and birthday gifts
  8. Gave gifts and a hockey jersey to a young man with Spina Bifida and helped him complete a bucket list through a visit to the CN Tower, to Ripley’s Aquarium, and to a hockey game in Toronto
  9. Held a surprise birthday for an eight-year-old girl whose mother was hospitalized
  10. Donated Christmas gifts and decorations to a seniors home
  11. Supported various grass roots organizations that work to help others
  12. Donated to the 'Regent Park Community Food Centre' in Toronto
  13. Donated to the 'Barrie Native Friendship Centre'
  14. Donated to 'Emily's House', a hospice for children
  15. Donated to Kelly Scaglione and 'Restoring Dignity and Hope'
  16. Donated to 'Patching The Past'
  17. Donated to 'Hamilton Helping the Homeless'
  18. Donated to 'Never Go Hungry Niagara'
  19. Arranged a shopping cart contest for two families in need at Target Canada
  20. Arranged 'Teacher of the Year Award'
  21. Arranged 'Nurse of the Year Award'
  22. Helped a Canadian war vet
  23. Create a song 'Hope It To Be' with Scott Reid, a local musician with proceeds going to 'Sick-Kids Hospital'
  24. Assisted a twenty-three year veteran of the Toronto Police who is stricken with stage four colon cancer. Frank and his supporters held a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings in Barrie and they used GoFundMe to raise what was needed to repair a dangerously dilapidated deck on their home that is essential for his wife to use as she is restricted to a motorized wheelchair and cannot traverse many parts of the house any other way.
  25. Developed and implemented the 'Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get' centre in Barrie.
  26. Now organizing a cross-Canada fundraiser to expand the 'Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get' concept to communities across Canada

Frank Nelson, Philanthropist and Creator of the Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get

In July 2010, Frank was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and underwent surgery twice, five weeks of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy. After treatment, Frank remained in remission for 22 months, however, in October, 2013 the cancer returned and had metastasized, spreading to his pelvic area. Four weeks prior to his cancer returning, Frank was laid off. It was certainly a low point in his life. Frank subsequently decided to retire to focus on spending more time with his family, his treatment and to do something different with the remaining time in his life.

In January 2014, his doctors informed him that a cure was no longer possible. So for a few months Frank reflected on what he wanted to do with the remaining part of his life. In March 2014, Frank was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show and was inspired by Ellen helping those going through difficult life challenges. So he said to himself, “why can’t I do a smaller version of that?”

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In March 2014, Frank gathered his family together and told them he was creating a bucket list focused on helping others in need and wanted to start off by giving a complete stranger a $1,000. His daughter Cindy suggested he start a Facebook Group to reach out to family, friends and even strangers to help him give away the $1,000 to someone in need.

Frank decided to call the Facebook group “Paying It Back” to signify his desire to give back for all of the good things that have happened and pay tribute to those who helped him in his life. In the first two weeks Frank received 38 submissions and more than 500 people joined his group.

Today the Facebook Group “Paying It Back” has more than 11,000 members and 15 sponsors that have or are helping Frank work towards the completion of his bucket list. He is so grateful for the many family, long time and new friends. All are welcome to join Frank’s group and follow him on his bucket list journey reaching out to help others going through very difficult life challenges. You can watch more than forty videos of Frank surprising others and creating happy moments on his “You Tube Channel”.

100% of proceeds on donated items and 100% of net proceeds on purchased items and our online auction will be used to help Frank complete his bucket list of initiatives focused on helping others..



John Ironside, Video Producer / Director

John Ironside is the owner and founder of both Five Points Media and 3B Solutions. During the past 25-plus years, John has worked in media both on the international level and closer to home. In addition to having worked in virtually every form of media, including television, newspaper, and online, John has also taught media related subjects at Fanshawe College in London and at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

John's primary roll at Five Points Media is video producer of socially poignant documentaries; though which he tells relevant and important stories about others who live amazing lives or who contribute greatly to our society. John's abilities as a storyteller have been demonstrated throughout his career in journalism and documentary production, and during the past eight years while at the helm of his commercial production company. Throughout the past two years 3B Solutions has been acknowledged by the independent consumer reporters of Three Best Rated as "Best Videographers in Barrie".

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In addition to having extensive experience in broadcast and corporate video production, John has worked as a photojournalist and then Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper, and as news camera and photographer in places like Bosnia and the Middle East. John's experience in documentary production ranges from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to Greenpeace in Europe, and his hundreds of commercial credits cover the full range of business, from Fortune 500 corporations to local family-run proprietorships.

John is the father of two special needs children, who have inspired him to donate his time and resources to various charities and benevolent organizations. Their personal stories and battles are also the catalyst of his desire to launch FACINATE Films, a social enterprise that is intended to help "Families Assisting Special Children In Navigating Available Treatment Everywhere".

The beneficiaries of our services have ranged from individual philanthropists to international organizations, and have included but are not limited to:

  • Autism Ontario – charity in support of people living on the Autism spectrum
  • Barrie Pride – not-for-profit in support of the LGBTQ community
  • Beneath the Blanket – charity in support of the homeless
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind – charity for the blind
  • Coldest Night of the Year, Orillia – fundraiser for helping the homeless
  • Gilda’s Club of Simcoe Muskoka – charity in support of cancer patients and families
  • Goodwill Industries – social enterprise offering training and support to jobless
  • Hopefest – annual not-for-profit music festival in support of Sick Kids Hospital
  • Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter in Orillia – helping the homeless
  • Patchless Ride for Autism – annual motorcycle rally in support of Autism Ontario
  • Paying It Back – Barrie philanthropist Frank Nelson’s bucket list charities
  • Pole Fitness – women empowering exercise misrepresented by ‘conservative’ opponents
  • Push For Change – cross-Canada journey to raise awareness of Youth Homelessness
  • Restoring Dignity and Hope – charity in support of newly released inmates from correctional institutions
  • St. John's Ambulance - a community based first aid and safety oriented not-for-profit service that provides a wide variety of services to our community
  • Silent Swim – deaf swimmer Brenda Lussier-Neumueller swam across Great Lakes to raise funds to fight Cystic Fibrosis that threatens her brother
  • Swim For Dreams – fifteen-year-old Ashleigh Beacham swam Lake Ontario to send a five year old boy with leukemia to Disney World
  • SY-STEM Links (formerly STEM Interface) – online and video kiosk based system to assist the homeless find essential services
  • Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie – charity in support of women and children

Our work has been used by various broadcasters, including the Barrie CTV station and their counterpart in Toronto. Our commercial production credits range from small local businesses to international fortune 500 companies, and the charities we have assisted cover the full-range from infant care, through to women’s rights, and even bikers raising money for Autism.